Crystals have been making magic across the world forever. Deeply connected with the history of the Egyptian pyramids, quartz was evidently abundant in ancient Egypt and it is largely speculated that quartz was used for both practical and magical purposes, whether it be used as a tool for sculpting and building, or represented in hieroglyphs depicting ritualistic practises.


Did you also know that the molecular structure of a quartz crystal will visibly change when placed in an environment that has a negative energy? The crystal actually emits its own energy which creates an equilibrium in the atmosphere. Imagine that? Healing your environment through the mere placement of a quartz crystal. Crystals truly do have unique and immense power. So, imagine what working with crystals could do for you?


If you feel stuck, depressed, stressed, or anxious about something in your life right now, chances are that your chakras are overworked and out of balance. Crystal healing and chakra alignment are gentle and non-invasive. The process is nurturing, meditative, and provides a short restorative rest, giving you renewed clarity and focus. More so, you should feel a new-found sense of love and self-compassion, in addition to building your strength ready to face the world again.