Didi diy is an award winning social enterprise in Brighton & Hove.It is a platform where we provide classes to teach, demonstrate and practice diy skills for home renovations. With a mission to educate all individuals in the use of power tools & proceedings to acquire the right gestures, for the purpose of general maintenance , repair and improve properties. It is a  learning concept where our lessons are taught by very skilled trades persons enthusiastic about sharing their skills.
 http://didi-diy.com/​                 This is a bespoke teaching technique based on practice and pleasure to empower people to personally achieve well in looking after the property. By taking part in the renovations, paying participants will come together to be taught the right gestures in a spirit of cohesion…..
 Didi DIY ultimately seeks to form strong local community relationships, and create a network of individuals that are motivated to work and learn DIY skills together to provide practical skills to people , learning the right gestures for renovations and decent living conditions.  Plastering, painting, decorating, and other home improvement projects provide an empowering opportunity for people to join together and learn valuable new skills, creating stronger relationships with their neighbours, and helping to improve local community members' homes.