I'm Diana Morgan and I have a background in librarianship, IT, and marketing. After working as a freelance social media marketer I am branching out into writing blog posts for clients. I have always cared about the environment and am a Climate Ambassador for the National Federation of Women's Institutes. 

My other business is EcoStepByStep, retailing of all sorts of eco-friendly goods, mostly online but also through business networking and attending green events in Sussex. I sell products for the home, personal care, travel, and gardening.


A lot of people want to tread more lightly on our wonderful planet Earth, but find it difficult to know where to start. I can help you make changes in your buying habits, whether gradual or all at once!  A particular focus nowadays is on avoiding single-use plastic, and for this I can supply you with bamboo toothbrushes, beeswax food wraps, bamboo refillable coffee cups, fully degradable drinking straws and bin liners, solid shampoo bars, and the brilliant EcoEgg, among others. And if you're like-minded and need some extra income, you'd be welcome to join my team!  


You can contact me on 07585 553652 and by email at

My website is (click through to eShope to see what I sell).

You can follow me on Twitter @EcoStepByStep Instagram @EcoStepByStep and Facebook 




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