Green Living Journal. Entry One: Baby Steps.

January 11, 2018

These journal entries will document the small changes I am making in my life, in an attempt to live a life that is more ethical and sustainable. If you're anything like me then the thought of breaking old habits, finding the time to research how to change and then implementing those changes is so overwhelming it's almost impossible to comprehend even getting past the start line, let alone changing our entire lifestyle as we currently know it, for the better long term. 


I figured by keeping a journal of the very small changes I'm making as I make them, it might inspire you to give it a try too. Hopefully, if you don't know where to start, reading this will give you a little nudge in the right direction, as reading about other people's journeys has done for me. 


The very first change I made was to invest in cloth menstrual pads! I know, right? Who'd have thought it? At first I'd be lying if I said that my initial thought wasn't "huh?" But now it just makes perfect sense. Wouldn't you rather use natural, washable fibres near your most sensitive parts than highly perfumed and often toxic disposables? Then, as if expense wasn't enough of a reason, there's all that plastic going to landfill. No, not good at all. These pads are washable, super absorbent and the best thing about them? They can be custom made with a fabric pattern from a plethora of available choices! Mother Nature has been an enemy of mine all of my adult life so it's a real comfort to add a little colour to brighten up an otherwise dull and miserable three days! It would probably be too much information to tell you that I also warm a clean one up on the radiator just before using, as it feels as though I'm cuddling my sensitive parts up in a nice warm duvet! (Don't judge me!) The cloth pads are available with different sizes and strength for different needs of absorbency and with the right care, can be washed and reused time and time again without losing their prettiness or efficacy. To find out more or buy some for yourself you can join the Facebook group. Just visit Facebook and search for Bright n Beautiful Cloth Pads.


So, that was the first thing and, let's be honest, this was maybe a year ago! I wasn't lying when I said I understand that making changes is difficult! Life gets in the way, work, kids and other commitments. I also have ADHD so there's that too - a handy reason to give for extensive periods of procrastination in any one of my projects! But moving on to the present day. Around a couple of weeks ago I decided that my next step would be to rid my house of toxins where possible and gradually exchange synthetic ingredients for natural ingredients. The local health shop has become my new best friend and I have now switched from a well known shampoo brand that has been my favourite for years, for a brand which I discovered at my local spa. Faith in Nature products are divine! Not only are they natural and smell heavenly but they actually do a really good job at what they're supposed to do. My hair has never been so soft and shiny since using their conditioner and my hair requires just a small amount of their product. 


Miso Soup in cardboard packaging. Throat Comfort tea also in cardboard packaging although a little disappointed to discover each tea bag individually wrapped in a plasticky bag. I've discovered the absolute joy and miracle cure that is Magnesium! Magnesium levels have been found to be low in people who are susceptible to depression and anxiety. Further more, drinking alcohol massively reduces these levels. Now I'm not claiming to be a full time depressive or alcoholic but, I have certainly had small bouts of mental health imbalances and I do like a drink from time to time! I have been taking magnesium both in tablet and body cream form for five weeks and I can honestly say that I have not felt low once. Given that we are just getting over Christmas which is absolutely not my favourite time of year, I'm truly impressed and grateful that I've found such a gem. The supplements are in a bottle that comes with a great initiative. Return the bottle to the shop for recycling and they will refund 25p! A simple yet fantastic idea and how great would it be if more companies in general did this? Also pictured is turmeric and essential oils. The oils are much nicer to have around the house in replacement of air fresheners and I use them for my business too in crystal healing. I do love a multipurpose product.


Finally - and as far as I have got so far in change making - I have invested in reusable kitchen roll! Again, the fabric is gorgeous and such a pretty pattern. There are six squares to each roll, attached by press studs. It was also delivered with a matching reusable washing up sponge. I purchased mine from and it won't be the last product I buy from them. Their website is dedicated to eco living and has many other great items available. 


I appreciate that I have a long way to go but I'm feeling really good to have got off the starting post. One small change at a time is only really how anything ever gets done if you think about it. 


Next on the list is to move away from online food shopping - too many plastic bags and wrapping on fruit and veg - and shop local. At the moment this feels like a much bigger task than it probably is but I'm determined. Maybe I'll start with just vegetables! As I said, baby steps. 













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