Green Living Journal. Entry 2. Ugly Veg.

February 14, 2018

The journey continues, not at the greatest speed but it continues all the same! I have indeed started buying all my fruit and veg from the local health food shop Down to Earth that I mentioned in my last blog. What I love about the fruit and veg here are a couple of things. First off it's all a bit ugly! It's the kind that would get rejected by the supermarket chains for not being aesthetically pleasing and yet they have more charm somehow. Everything is super ripe so you know if you buy an avocado that day it must be eaten soon after but it will be ready and delicious. In turn this means only buying what I need, when I need it. No danger of stocking up only to discover that something has gone a bit fluffy at the back of the veg draw and become no longer edible. Another big bonus. 

I have started making my own crystal infused candles to compliment the healing that I offer with crystal child Healing. This is a great way for me to upcycle all the jars and tins that we have used, reducing the need to recycle or throw away. 

I now have a kitchen counter compost bin and a bigger compost bin outside. now I'm hopeful that I might find local friends with an allotment that will let me visit them with my food waste once a week to donate to their compost heap!

As the spring approaches it should also mean that our garden will be sprouting up all the goodies that we have planted in it. To name few we have berries, rhubarb, apples and herbs. yum! This should mean less trips to buy veg, less waste and less plastic. 

This week I am running a small half term event; Half Term Toy Swap. Children can bring along their pre-loved toys and games and swap them with other children. This should certainly save a trip to landfill as well as put a smile on some young faces. Win-win!



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