Five Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Eco-Friendly Friend.

December 17, 2018

Here you are again, you tell yourself every year it will be different but alas, you've left it until the last minute once again to buy your Christmas gifts. What's more, you have a friend who insists on all things eco, so no wrapping paper, no unnecessary plastic packaging, everything must be ethically sourced... It feels like a minefield doesn't it? Well chin up kid, with this article we've got your back. 


Eco-friendly pampering sorted.

Christmas can be a hectic experience, leaving you feeling exhausted from being the host with the most, and who doesn't love a little bit of 'me time'? If you think a loved one deserves an hour to float away in meditative bliss why not gift them a crystal healing voucher.

 Crystal healing is a non invasive treatment in which you lie down on a warm, comfortable couch, close your eyes and drift away to the sounds of relaxing music whilst crystals are gently placed on and around the body. Working with the principles of meditation and reiki, you enter a state of deep nourishing relaxation while the crystals placed emit their energies to re-allign your chakras. The feeling afterwards is described as "nurtured" "grounded" and "revitalised" One reviewer described the experience as they "felt stronger and ready to face the world again". CleverGreen Healing in Hove offer one hour treatment vouchers. Buy a voucher online here. 


Help your friend with their mission and get them off to a great start. 

So your friend has watched Blue Planet,

they've cried...a lot - let's face it, we all did - and now they are fully committed to changing their lifestyle.

But, the overwhelm soon kicks in, they fall back into old habits and start to feel like it's all a huge mammoth task. Here is your chance to shine as their eco-hero. Pop into the waste free shop Harriet's of Hove where they will happily advise you on zero waste shopping and help you put together a nice starter pack with one or two eco-friendly gifts for good measure. 


Give the gift of a weekend retreat.

If you really want to impress your loved one and gift

 them an unforgettable experience then CleverGreen Retreat will wow them so much they'll want to know what they did to inspire such generosity!

We've gone all out in finding the most beautiful eco-friendly house in Sussex, with solar panels, a beautiful picturesque garden that grows a vast variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and it's own irrigation system, set in acres and acres of stunning green countryside. The retreat is focused on individual needs and although there is an extensive and varied timetable on offer, from relaxing meditation and yoga to faster paced fitness classes, guests are encouraged to treat the weekend exactly in a way to suit them individually, joining in with as many or as few included classes as they wish. This weekend is the gift that keeps on giving as guests come away feeling refreshed and having made many new like-minded friends. Take a look here for more details. The dates of the next retreat are Friday 15th to Monday 18th March 2019.


A happy home is a happy soul. 

Having family traipsing in and out over the festive season can really give your home and carpets a battering, and after all the cooking, washing up and cleaning up spillages from the two year old feral nephew, it's no wonder the house can look like a pigsty long after the last party popper got popped and stuck down the back of the radiator. A cleaning voucher can make a lovely gift for the friend who likes a practical offering, or just the friend who's mildly phobic of cleaning themselves and has a mini meltdown at the thought of so many additional people in paper hats to clean up after. Magic Pixies Eco Cleaning Company offer gift vouchers for their cleaning service and they use only eco-friendly cleaning products, many of which they make themselves so they know exactly what is in all the products that they use, and they won't bring any toxicity into your home. If only we could guarantee the same promise with your moody great aunt Shirley. 


The promise of time. 

Sometimes the simplest of gifts have the biggest impact. Why not create a beautiful card - on recycled paper, yes we know! - and inside it write a pledge to spend time with your friend doing something together. Book a meal, join a class or visit somewhere new.  Or, if budget isn't in your favour, a home-cooked meal, movie or woodland walk can all be just as special. The point is you are giving your friend something truly priceless and that is your time. 


Merry Christmas everyone from CleverGreen Group Limited!


Have you had some great eco-friendly gift ideas this year? Please share them in the comments, we'd love to hear them!


Or, if money ican be just andmovie e just as enjoyable. ift you can which is your time. 

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