SuperNatural Collections, my organic baby and children’s clothing business, was established in 2010. 


Not just natural but SUPER natural because as well as using organic cotton to make my funky black babygrows and childrenswear, I also used soft, silky fabrics like bamboo and modal (made from beech trees) as an alternative to water and land guzzling cotton, which even when organic, is not a sustainable crop. 


I was very proud to work along-side artist Jon Daniel to produce a range of baby’s bibs, kid’s T-shirts and superhero capes for his Afro Supa Hero exhibition at the V&A Children’s museum.


Over the past two years I’ve been developing SuperLooper, a circular economy inspired idea to reduce waste in maternity and baby clothing.  There are 183 million items of unused baby clothing languishing in UK cupboards at any one time! SuperLooper parents want to do something about this, so, instead of owning clothes, they’ll lease them and we’ll pass them on to another baby when their baby grows to the next size up!


Knowledge is power, so SuperLooper will be a source of relatable ideas to help live life more sustainably.  The local community will exist both online and at our regular meet-ups where parents can exchange clothes, hear the latest ideas for sustainable living, eat, drink and be merry - (but not in a tipsy way!!).  Simple changes to old habits will mean SuperLoopers are better connected with the world and with friends who want the same bright future for their kids.  Better still, the chances are that their new habits will inspire friends, family and ultimately their children to do the same.


I plan to launch SuperLooper in the spring 2019 - so watch this space:)


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