Tim Hunt

Tim Hunt -

Ethical Consumer

14.45  Why it isn't Difficult to be an Ethical Consumer.

After many years campaigning for a number of social and environmental justice projects including Camp For Climate Action and Action for Sustainable Living, Tim Hunt is now the passionate Co-editor of Ethical consumer Magazine. He lead the way in Ethical Consumer Magazine's 'Boycott Amazon' campaign which provides consumers with tax-paying alternatives to shopping with the online retailer and arch tax avoider! Ethical Consumer Magazine gets the star prize for being the first company to support and sponsor CleverGreen Festival 2019 and we can’t wait to hear more about Tim's adventures as a community activist!

Benita Matofska

Benita Matofska -

People Who Share

14.15 Generation Share: The Power of Sharing to Save the Planet

Benita Matofska is the multi award winning founder of The People Who Share, a charity dedicated to helping people discover the power of the Sharing Economy to change the world, and Global Sharing Week which reaches over 100 million people worldwide.  Benita is the author of Generation Share - a beautiful photographic record of the awe-inspiring stories from change-makers around the world which produced in collaboration with Brighton based photographer Sophie Sheinwald - the book will be on sale at the Festival with Benita and Sophie available for signings.

Cat Fletcher

Cat Fletcher -

Resource Goddess

12.15 The Secret World of Trash at Festivals

Cat Fletcher, award winning Resource Goddess and jewel in Brighton’s sustainability crown is the real deal! She uses passion, deep knowledge and bloody mindedness to make sure that people really sit up and listen to her tales of trash! She’s one of the founders of Freegle UK (website for re-using almost anything), and one of the key drivers behind Brighton Waste House and more recently TechTakeback. She’s also finds homes for otherwise discarded equipment and furniture as Re-Use manager for Brighton & Hove City Council. There’s no such thing as waste as far as Cat’s concerned, it’s just stuff in the wrong place! At CleverGreen Festival 2019 Cat's going to tell us about the gargantuan job she has to reduce and clear all the waste from The Shangri-La Fields at Glastonbury Festival - just the waste disposal area is a village in itself!

Abbie Morris James Omisakin

Abbie Morris & James Omisakin - 

Compare Ethics

12.45 Sustainable Fashion: How the Niche Will Become the Norm

Compare Ethics is the brainchild of Abbie Morris and James Omisakin who, realising that there's a massive disconnect between ethical shoppers and sassy, exciting ethical fashion brands, have created a one stop shop where informed shoppers who care about fair wages, treatment of animals and the environment can find, choose and compare the brands they love and trust. At CGF2019 we’ll hear about how sustainability is at the heart of everything Compare Ethics does and about the impact that it’s having in the world of fashion.

Jo Godden

Jo Godden - RubyMoonSwim

17.45 Creating Circles of Impact: How Fashion and Circular Economy Will Change the World

With 20 years international experience, Jo has worked for Victorias Secret, The Gap Inc and M&S as well as a number of small boutique lingerie and swimwear companies. Since 2008 Jo has only worked for ethical brands in order to become part of the solution, as opposed to part of the fast fashion problem. She created RubyMoon the worlds only not-for-profit swim and activewear company with positive social and environmental impact.

Sascha Camilli

Sascha Camilli -

Vilda Magazine

15.45 Vegan Fashion and How to Transition to a Cruelty Free Wardrobe!

Sascha Camilli is the founder of the first vegan fashion magazine, Vilda. Her book Vegan Style, a vegan fashion and lifestyle guide, is out this summer. Sascha will talk to us about building an Ethical Vegan Wardrobe - everything you need to know about vegan fashion and how to transition to a cruelty-free wardrobe.

Melodie Tyrer

Melodie Tyrer -

Epicurean Mermaid

13.45 Eco Anxiety: How (not) Living Sustainably Affects our Mental Health

Melodie Tyrer aka The Epicurean Mermaid will be giving ‘a pep talk for activists’. In it she will talk more about the link between positive mental health and living an eco conscious lifestyle- and how living more in tune with nature is not just beneficial for the environment but how it affects us too! If you’ve found yourself feeling despondent, with a touch of eco (or regular) anxiety then this it the talk for you!

Carl Pratt

Carl Pratt -

Future Planet

16.45 Top Ten Ways You Can Act on Climate Change

What are the most important lifestyle changes we can make to act on climate change? In this inspirational talk, Carl will be sharing practical, conscious living hacks to empower you to make changes in your every day life that, if we all do them together, will create a future our children can thrive in.


Carl Pratt is the founder of FuturePlanet, a community of action that empowers change makers and citizens join together to accelerate our transition to an inclusive sustainable future. Together we can take action on climate change and accelerate positive change in business and society,  and inspire conscious lifestyles that are in balance and harmony with each other and the planet.

Aamena Hamid

Aamena Hamid -

Unoa Clothing

17.15 PANEL How to do Your Bit to Save our Planet

This panel is hosted by Katie Proctor with fellow panelists Libby Darling AKA Aunti Plastics - The Deans Beach & Environment Volunteers and Crystal (Conscious Cow).

Aamena Hamid is the founder of Brighton based brand, Unoa Clothing; an organic leisure and active wear brand. Unoa creates exceedingly soft and versatile pieces of affordable clothing from long-lasting T's to comfy sweatpants and sweatshirts. Aamena is of Pakistani origin and is passionate about empowering females across the globe by using a fairly paid female led production unit to manufacture her garments. As a female of entrepreneur of colour, she is also engaged with creating a diverse and inclusive fashion brand that only uses positive and assertive models of various ethnicities, ages and sizes. 

Aamena has an 18 month old daughter Layah, who is learning to run her ethical fashion business by attending her photo shoots and business meetings! 

Claire Sumners

Claire Sumners -

Zero Waste Maman

17.15 PANEL How to do Your Bit to Save our Planet

This panel is hosted by Katie Proctor with fellow panelists Mhiran (Harriets of Hove), Bixie (Eco Bricks Brighton).

Claire started writing as Zero Waste Maman primarily as a reference point for friends and family who wanted to start ditching single-use plastic from their lives. She then realised that there was a wider need for someone to help those interested in doing the same. Whilst not professing to have nailed the zero waste life journey, as a mother she cares passionately about the planet her children live on and will inherit, so puts her everything into living consciously for them. When she first came across #zerowaste as a concept, it really her got thinking about changes she could make to her family’s lifestyle and, she is defo nailing it!

Crystal Lipscombe

Crystal Lipscombe - Conscious Cow

17.15 PANEL How to do Your Bit to Save our Planet

Crystal Lipscombe is part of family run Conscious Cow - the entirely vegan mobile catering service that offers fresh, ethically sourced, wholesome food which will be delighting taste buds at CleverGreen Festival 2019.  Crystal will be sharing her thoughts on eating consciously for the planet in the panel entitled 'How To Do Your Bit To Save The Planet’ Hosted by Katie Proctor with Libby Darling (aka Aunti Plastics The Deans Beach & Environment Volunteers) and Aamena Hamid (Unoa).

Darren Abrahams

Darren Abrahams -

The Human Hive

18.15 Zero Waste Education: Working WITH not FOR Each Other for a Better World

Darren Abrahams is a singer, coach, therapist and trainer and is the creator of many programmes designed to expand the potential of individuals and groups. He works internationally as a facilitator and project leader in the fields of creativity, music, social entrepreneurship and community development. He is a qualified trauma therapist, a Certified High Performance Coach and a professional opera singer. Darren is co-founder of The Human Hive a global community  of inspiring humans who work WITH not FOR each other and The Starr Trust which supports young people to fulfil potential through sports, arts and education. He is on the steering team and head of pastoral care for The Complete Freedom of Truth an international youth-led project developing global youth citizenship through culture and the arts and is an international trainer for Musicians Without Borders where he trains musicians to use music for peace building with refugees and in post conflict communities. At CleverGreen Festival Darren will tell us how we can make education sustainable too in his talk - Zero Waste Education: working WITH not FOR each other for a better world. Essential listening!

Mhiran Patel

Mhiran Patel -

Harriet's of Hove

13.15 PANEL Zero Waste Living

A Dentist in his day job, Mhiran has learned a lot about lowering waste in his personal life through the journey of opening Harriets of Hove and he’s always striving to do better. He went from zero-waste novice to more-or-less expert in a year!  Mhiran will be joining Katie Proctor (sustainable Squad Podcast), Claire Sumners (aka Zero Waste Maman) plus one more guest (TBC) for a lively panel discussion about Zero Waste Living.

Harriet Dean - Orange

Harriet Dean-Orange - Harriet's of Hove

16.15 My Relationship With Plastic

The legend that is Harriet works as a theatres nurse for her 'main job' and NHS Sustainability Ambassador. Together with partner Mhiran, she opened Hove's first Zero Waste shop in a bid to show buying without plastic is totally possible. Frustrated with the way ‘thing were always done’,  she’s a living example that anyone can make a difference and will talk about 'My Relationship With Plastic’.

more soon

Libby Darling

Libby Darling -

Aunti Plastics

17.15 How to do Your Bit to Save our Planet

A family orientated mother of 2 with a huge heartfelt passion for supporting community and our planet; an environmental activist, a plastic free ‘lifestyler’, sustainable living advocate and local council candidate for the Brighton and Hove Green party.  I’ve run a beach cleaning community group for over 8 years, one of the first locally, and potentially nationally to run regular monthly beach cleans.  Founder of Beacon Hub Brighton, ‘Aunti Plastics' - Unwrapped and Plastic Free, and Director of ECO Therapy Events.


Libby will be giving ideas about ‘How To Do Your Bit To Save Our Planet’ in a panel discussion hosted by Katie St Laurence (Sustainable Squad Podcast) and fellow panel members Aamena Hamid (Unoa) and Crystal Lipscombe (Conscious Cow).

Chloe Bullock

Chloe Bullock -


18.45 PANEL A More Sustainable Home : Where do I Start?

Chloe Bullock supports UK businesses and residents in ethical builds and redesigns with a focus on vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable and healthy specifications.  She is a FitWel® Ambassador and keen follower of human-centric, healthy design - using standards such as WELL Building Standard, Building Biology as well as FitWel®.  She’s a BIID Registered Interior Designer® at the British Institute of Interior Design – the pre-eminent professional organisation for interior designers in the UK. 


Chloe was the first interior designer in the UK to be VEGANDESIGN.ORG CERTIFIED™ - the Global accredited course and community set up by Deborah DiMare.  In 2018 she won the Women in Property’ Business Women Excellence Awards - Sussex.  

Phil Simpson

Phil Simpson -

People and Place Architects

18.45 PANEL A More Sustainable Home : Where do I Start?

Phil left a successful career as a TV director and retrained as a sustainable architect.

He worked on, and in, certified passive houses whilst at Hawkes Architecture (famed for the arched house featured on Grand Designs).  Now, after ten years working for others he has established his own practice based on a commitment to designing sustainable communities, and a determination to help create a more ecologically sound environment.  

He’s had good practice on his own home, using reclaimed floorboards, installing a re-purposed kitchen, using sheep’s wool as insulation, triple glazed windows, coppiced sweet chestnut cladding and solar thermal panels for hot water and solar PV roof panels for electricity.

Dan Curtis

Dan Curtis -


18.45 PANEL A More Sustainable Home : Where do I Start?

BHESCO work with property owners in Sussex to help them meet their energy needs with efficient buildings and affordable, community-owned green energy.  They do this by surveying the householder's property and examining their energy bills to gain an in-depth understanding of their consumption and needs.  They then send a detailed report identifying all the ways the householder's property is wasting heat and energy and they suggest the most cost-effective solutions.  Dan manages the co-op’s marketing and each winter he opens up BHESCo’s energy advice desks and talks to community groups all around the city.

Peter Desmond & Chris Lee

Peter Desmond & Chris Lee Circular Economy Brighton

11.45 An Interactive Talk About the Circular Economy and How Brighton is Working 

Circular Brighton & Hove (CBH) is a multi-stakeholder network of individuals, SME’s, social enterprises, universities, faith groups, third sector organisations and companies. We have a diverse set of skills, experiences and contacts in local government, business, academia and society, living in the Greater Brighton Region. We are united by a common belief that the Circular Economy can have a positive impact, not only on the environment, but also on our society (by reducing poverty and strengthening communities) and our economy (by increasing resilience and supporting business). Peter and Chris’s interactive talk about the circular economy and how Brighton is working towards being a circular city will certainly grab your attention and hopefully inspire you to join in and learn more - this is the way forward!

Bixie Rose Knight

Bixie Rose Knight - 

Brighton Ecobricks

13.15 PANEL Zero Waste Living

Hi! I'm Bixie and I was lucky enough to be born and bred right here in Brighton. I’m a qualified ecobrick trainer and a member of the Global Earth Alliance (GEA) who also started the ECOBRICK BRIGHTON UK Facebook Group ( do feel free to join up!) 


Ecobricking is a global movement that I stumbled upon whilst looking for environmental topics to blog about last year. I started the facebook group to encourage about 30 friends and family to join me starting a project for my garden and word of mouth spread- now the group size is moving towards 2,000!! I'm motivated to do what I do by my 1 year old daughter Iris- she is in awe of the natural world and I feel compelled to do everything in my power to help protect it for her, and all future generations. 


I am passionate about teaching others about how plastic affects our environment, how to make better choices as a consumer and then, as a last resort how to make great quality, fully usable ecobricks from any non recyclable plastic that they find unavoidable. Workshops (typically 3 hours duration) are by far the most practical and fun way to learn the technique. I also teach in schools, the workplace, community groups and also for private groups at home (4-40 people). 

Sustainable Squad Podcast

Katie Proctor

Katie St. Laurence -

Sustainable Squad Podcast


13.15 Zero Waste Living 

15.15 To Boycott or Not to Boycott: Can Consumers Make a Difference

17.15 How to do Your Bit to Save Our Planet

We're thrilled that Katie St Laurence of Sustainable Squad Podcast has agreed to MC the day in The SuperLooper Talks tent.  Katie will be introducing our brilliant guest speakers and will also host various panels discussing all things sustainable that will happen though out the day.  All together it promises to be a n extremely enlightening and entertaining day - not to be missed!


Katie says ‘ I’m Katie, I’m passionate about sustainability, I love creating content and connecting with people who are trying to make a difference.  Sustainable Squad is a celebration of those who are doing something positive to reduce their impact on the environment. Life hacks, swaps and great ideas. Nobody’s perfect, perfection doesn’t exist! But we can all do more, so let’s share the knowledge.

You can listen to the Sustainable Squad podcast on Apple podcasts, Soundcloud and Spotify.

You can also find Sustainable Squad on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.